Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 years ago today

2 years ago, I sat in Guatemala, holding Bug for the last time on the visit. We were heading out to Antigua with Carlos, Mireya, Susi and Andrea. I knew the moment he saw them, he would not want me again and so I held him, knowing I was giving him back to them. Not knowing when I would see him again. The adoption process that was supposed to take 4-6 months was already at 9 months and little did I know that there was still 6 more months to go before I would hold Bug again and never have to say good bye again.

Today, our bags are almost packed- just a few more things to add in the suitcases and we are ready to head back to Guatemala in the morning. I am so excited to be going back. I love being in Guatemala. I suppose it must be different to actually live there, but I love going to visit. We will be hanging out at the hotel, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. We will be spending time with friends and family. This will be the longest time we have ever been in Guatemala together. I can't wait.
But at the same time, I am nervous. I know that Bug is very anxious about this visit. he keeps talking about a bad man taking him. I have been reassuring him that Momma will hurt anyone who tries to take him away from me. That there is no bad man who can stand against momma and he is always safe with me. I know too that he is anxious about seeing Carlos and Mireya. I have given Bug permission to not talk to them the first day we see them- this gives him ownership in his actions- he knows that he will not be forced to talk, but he can talk if he wants. I am praying he decides to talk. I am taking lots of his favorite toys to encourage him to talk but I realize that the first meeting maybe very hard. I am hopefully that multiple days with the family will help Bug relax and enjoy the visit.
If we have time and the inclination, we might go to the children's museum, the textile museum and the relief map. All are near the zoo (I think). these would be a nice way to break up the day and to stay close to the hotel but still get out of the hotel. No trips out of the city this time, but maybe next time we come.
This will be my last post from the US- I hope to post tomorrow night from our hotel room in Guatemala.
Love and hugs to you all,

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Visiting with hermano

Tonight we headed over to Hermano's house to pick up the group gift for Carlos, Mireya, Suzi, Karla and Andrea. I have been told to get pictures of them opening the gift, so we'll see if that can be arranged.

We had a fun time playing. It is amazing to see Bug and Hermano playing together, sharing (SHOCKING!!!) and having a good time together. They are good buddies.

The boys put on an impromptu parade for us- Bug on the cymbals and Hermano on the tambourine. They race through the house over and over again.

The boys discovered "under the computer" and we hanging out there laughing and playing.

Hermano gave Bug a remote controlled train!!!! This is a cool gift.

Tomorrow I am back to work for 2 days before we head out to Guatemala. I still have to finish packing (I am almost done), finish cleaning up the kitchen and straightening up the house. I have decided that the Christmas trees will stay up until I get back- too many other things to get done before we go.
And, both Bug and I have sinus infections- I am calling the doctors tomorrow for some meds- this is my second infection in less than a month and I must have had a secondary infection with the first one that I shared with Bug. There is no way we are going to be sick on our vacation.
Love and hugs,

Friday, December 26, 2008

Train table

Pictures in reverse order (again)

Bug's trains have outgrown the living room. If he has them set up, then we are tripping over trains, tracks and other train items for days. So, I had and extra board of wood stored in the garage and with the Home Depot Gift card I got yesterday, we bought 4 legs, some bracket things and some 2x2 pieces of wood to stabilize the board.

Today, I spent 30 minutes and made Bug a train table.

Bug playing- he is refusing to smile lately, but he was happy with the table and having his trains all set up Playing with the trains

The finished product. The table is about 6.5 feet long and 2.5 feet across.

Plenty of room to add more tracks and decorate the table

Here is the table all done and set up on the carpet in the basement. I will probably move the set up to the inside wall of the basement, it is sure cold close to the wall right there.

here is the finished top- I still had to add the legs.

Bug was my screw boy- he handed me the screws I used to put the top onto the 2x2 strips

The leg brackets and the 2x2 strips. I had just finished putting the brackets in and now I had to screw the 2x2 strips down.

The legs and 2x2 strips.

The top board and the drill

This project required my electric drill and my cordless screw driver- easy project!!!
This was easier than I expected- I probably did the project in such a way that someone with experience would die laughing at me, but it worked. I screwed the top to the strips by screwing the corners from underneath- then I turned the top over and finished screwing the 2x2 strips to the top. it worked for me and it looks fine.
Well, I am off to read emails and then head to bed. Tomorrow, Bug and I have to take down all the Christmas decorations so that we are ready for our trip to Guatemala.
love to you,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some final words on Christmas

This was the best Christmas ever!!!!! Another blogger that I read has talked about her dream for Thanksgiving and how her dream came true this year, this year my Christmas dream came true.

Last year, Bug had been home 6 months and I was so emotional as he opened his gifts- the joy of seeing him open his gifts and enjoy the holiday. This year, the same emotions came back but I got my first Christmas present form Bug. He handed it to me and told me "Merry Christmas Momma". I was overwhelmed- even though I picked out the present, asked Mam to help him wrap it while I was in Portugal- still it was the thought behind my baby's words that were the gift.

I did not need any presents this year- although the ones I received are greatly appreciated. My gift is the gift of family- my parents, my siblings and family sitting in my house with Bug and me- all of us enjoying the holiday. It was the best Christmas ever. I hope and pray that each of you enjoyed your time with friends and family and that you had a wonderful Christmas.

Here is a video of Bug playing with his moto and enjoying his gifts.

Love to you,


Christmas Afternnon

It has been a good day. Bug got his moto, I got my first gift from my son. Life is good.

Nene, out for a ride on his moto Happy little man.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas.
Love to you,

Christmas Morning

Santa came while we were sleeping (another story for another day) Mam and Pap gave Bug a computer!!!!! He was excited.

Playing games

Santa brought the MOTO!!!!

Happy little Man

riding the first time
We are waiting for Auntie Lulu and family to arrive for round 2 in the holiday fun. Merry Christmas to all
Love to you,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve with extended family

We had Christmas Eve with the extended family tonight. Bug was less than excited with Santa. I unfortunately deleted the video as I put it on my computer and I will have to pull pictures from Mam and Auntie Lulu.

here is Bug with Grandpa Joe. Doesn't Bug just look so handsome??? Playing with his bowling set with Uncle Jerry.

From the other side

Setting up the pins- I think this gift was a hit

Opening the present after not looking at Santa, not talking to Santa, but not screaming at Santa either.

Santa baby!!!!

Santa Momma and Santa Baby

Under the glass table - 16 candles anyone?????

Loving on my baby before heading to the party

Family portrait in front of our tree.

Well, Santa should be here any minutes, so I have to head off to bed. More pictures and video (I promise not to delete it) tomorrow afternoon. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
Love to you,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The night before Christmas Eve

Just a quick reminder of Last year's Christmas- Santa on Christmas Eve The gift last year- the train set.

Tonight we had no plans- thank goodness because the road were a mess when I went to get Bug. The normal drive time is 15 minutes each way- all surface roads- lots of traffic lights. Tonight, it took 2 hours to drive over and drive home. There are interstate highways that have been closed for 6 hours now due to the ice. This is the one thing I really, really dislike about my area- we get more freezing rain and ice than we get snow.

Snow I can deal with when i am driving, but ice and freezing rain is not pleasant at all. My neighborhood roads were scary- I was very concerned. Once I got to the main roads, things got better. On the way home, things were much better but all the interstates were closed due to accidents, so the surface roads were filled with lots and lots of cars.

Once we got home, we played, had dinner and I made the dessert for our extended family Christmas party. It looks awesome- the best fruit tart I have ever made. Pictures tomorrow.

I am off to bed now, tomorrow is the big day- Christmas eve.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa- not Bug's favorite person

OK- the pictures are in reverse order- but they reflect our evening.

Bug helping D open his present. You could almost hear Bug saying "here, you do it this way". D was struggling opening his gift. it was too cute to see Bug helping him out. Still helping

Santa with D, trying to get a high 5 from him.

Santa reading "The night before Christmas"

The kids all waiting. We walked over to sit by N and D (N is the blond in the corner of the picture) and Santa walked through the door. Bug about jumped out of his skin.

Bug listening to his moto- see the puffy eyes- yep, Bug was not happy with Santa. Santa called his name and you would have thought Santa was out to kill Bug from his reaction- instant tears, lots of wailing. Dang- I thought by this age, Bug would be over the Santa thing. If this continues on Wednesday, then I am going to tell Bug the truth and be done with Santa.

Bug with his moto. this was not the gift I had planned for tonight. I thought the bowling game was going to be the gift, but Bug so informed me this morning that Santa was bringing him a moto tonight. Rather than have him disappointed tonight and have that disappointment roll into Wednesday night, I switched the gifts. So Wednesday night, he gets the bowling game and Christmas morning, the BIG MOTO will be under the tree.

Screaming on my lap and refusing to look at Santa. Fingers are stuck down his throat so that he is covered in slobber. Nice, because then it all went on me

See- fingers down his throat.

It was a good night- Bug was not the only one who cried when Santa called their name, he was just the oldest. We met some cyber friends face to face. This is a fun night for us.

See- Happy family before the trauma of Santa.
Love to you,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Homemade Pizza

Some pictures to start your week with:

We made homemade pizza tonight. Bug was the topping organizer.

He did not want me to take his picture here, but he got into the spirit of things after a few minutes. Putting on the pepperoni- I think we used half a bag. Clearly we like our meat in this house.

And we like our cheese too!!!

I cut Bug's pizza up the first time, and he refused to eat it. he only wanted to eat my pizza. When I asked him why, he said he was a big boy and did not want his pizza cut up. he is getting to be such a little boy- no more baby left in him.

We have 2 parties this week- a fiesta tomorrow with the local families wit Guatemalan kids- should be a blast. Then Wednesday night we have Christmas eve with my mother's side of the family. I should have plenty of pictures.
Love to you,