Monday, March 31, 2008

Pictures of Bug's bike

OK- working backward from this evening-

Bug out on his "bike" after dinner. He does not use the pedals to much, I am still pushing him. But is only day 2 on his bike and he is learning. What we do need to work on is his love of driving into the grass because he is too busy looking at everything else. Not that I think grass is so important, but because I am trying to teach him to be aware of his surroundings- for that day when he is riding along and a car backs up or turns into the driveway. Just trying to keep him safe. He seriously looked like a drunk driver going down the sidewalk- he was everywhere, weaving from side to side, never staying in the middle. If I had not been directing using the handle, he might have ended up in the grass tipped over every 5 feet.
On the positive weather side, we saw crocuses!!!! No other flowers blooming yet and it is a little late for the daffodils- but they are getting ready to bloom. Soon it will be May 1st and planting season will begin. OK the experts tell us to wait for mother's day- but if I wait that long all the plants will be gone from the stores- so May 1st is buying day.
This is yesterday- note the difference in outerwear. Yesterday, hat, coat, gloves- today, shirts only. I wish the weather would decide.

"I so HAPPY!!!!"
A great find for you parents of toddlers- I got 6 of these plates at Target. Bug loves them, I love them. They hold perfect toddler portions of food. Tonight was lasagna, sauteed squash and zuccini, garlic bread, Mandarin oranges. Dinner was a hit. Bug tried the squash and zucinni- he liked it but preferred everything else.
I also got him some plastic cups. These are ringed by thirds. I fill the cup 1/3 of the way and give it to him, he drinks it down. Bug is drinking more milk now since I switched to these cups. I think he likes having cups like me and Uncle Dave.
An expression I remember from so many pictures from Bug's first family. He is just playing around- sticking out his tongue and yelling.
As you can see, he is doing great after his surgery. He continues to improve each day. I am hoping and praying that soon he will be back to his usual self because he has reverted to hitting and biting me. I know I say I am tired of it, but this is wearing me down. I am his target and we seem to get into cycles. I am tired and frustrated with his hitting and biting and he is frustrated, so we push each other's buttons. I know that there is better way, but I don't know how to give Bug the words for all the feelings he is going through- does anyone know? Because I am reaching my end. I am tired of struggling at bed time- he wants blankets, he does not want blankets, he wants a toy, he does not want a toy, he wants a kiss, he does not want a kiss. I am tired of hearing him scream for 10-15 minutes because I walked out of the room saying good night and I love you and he decides that he does not want his blankets off, his toy in the bed, he wants more kisses. I walk away because to stay just feeds the cycle and we both end up in bad moods. How do you give your toddler words to express their feelings? I talk with him, I give him choices, I try and nothing seems to work.
On that note, I am told that "he is only 2", but when do the excuses of age end? If now I say he is only 2, what about when he is 3, or 4 or 16 or 21? Doesn't responsibility and understanding have to start now so that when he is older, he knows? Don't toddlers have the capacity to understand 2 choices "this or that"? I am not saying that I don't get that he is 2, just that letting him have tantrums, hit, bite, etc should not be allowed just because he is 2- because where do you draw the line then.
OK- I am clearly still working this all out and I have no conclusion right now. But is something I need to work through.
Love to you,
Deb AKA Momma Bug

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update- the wekend- no pictures

First Bug and I survived the weekend. there were points when I doubted that we were going to survive- Bug was in a mean mood and Momma was not having it. Bug spent a good portion of Saturday morning in time out. Momma spent a good portion of Saturday morning in timeout too. This is what happens when Bug bites Momma on the inside of her thigh and Momma needs to get away from Bug - he ends up in his crib screaming that he is sorry and I end up in my room cleaning.
So 1 clean room, 2 better attitudes- all is well. We also cleaned out Bug's closet. We took clothes to Once a upon a Child. it is consignment store for kids stuff. I took basically 2 laundry baskets of clothes- they bought 1/4 of the clothes- stating the rest were too worn, they had too much stock in those items or they did not sell those. I was kind of surprised at what they did not take- a never worn long sleeve Ralph Lauren shirt (perfect for church). So now, I think Nicole and Julie get first first dibs on the clothes and then they are going to charity.
Bug got a tricycle from the store- he loves it.

Sunday, we stayed home- too much stress to go to church and worry about diaper changes- so we cleaned some more and then I started doing 8 loads of laundry- YIKES. I stripped the beds and did the towels and did his clothes and my clothes- all hoping that warm weather would be coming. This week the nights will still be on the cold side, but that is what extra blankets are for. I feel good- things are done, things are getting organized.
We played outside before lunch- Bug got a wagon ride, we cleaned up the leaves that had blown up against the house during the winter. We cleaned windows, we played.
We watched NASCAR - unfortunately our drivers did not win- but it was fun. Then we took a ride on Bug's new tricycle - we only went up and down our street- but he loved being able to drive and steer. He even pedaled. After the ride, we walked down to the next block and around a cul-de-sac. Bug was worn out. It was a good day.

I know 6 weeks ago, I wrote how much I was looking forward to this weekend, since I would have 2 days off work and time with Bug. The first 3 days were hard- not much of break, but today made up for the struggle- it was a GREAT DAY. I feel rested and ready to get back to our normal routine.
Pictures tomorrow night.

Love to you,

Friday, March 28, 2008

tagged- a post from Bug

Bug has been tagged by A&B to tell 10 random things about himself and tag 10 other kids.

1. I love firetrucks- way more than NASCAR
2. I really love Uncle Dave's kitties- I wish they would play with me
3. Bath time rocks
4. "Donal's" (McDonald) was my first really word at home
5. I can recognize the cash money machine (ATM), the pizza place, Big Boy and Donald's from my car seat- I think we need to go to these places more often
6. I love my TRACTORS
7. Momma does not know it, but I really like Kyle Bush more than Tony Stewart- he drives the M&M car in NASCAR
8. I want a computer
9. I want a phone
10. I want a MOTO (motorcycle)

I am tagging my friends Jumping Y (no blog- email us), D (Nicole's blog), N (Julie's blog), E (my future wife- private blog), Suzi, Karla and Andrea (my sisters!!!), MK2 (send us an email), S (Caryn's son- send us an email), and S (Vickie's son- send us an email). Of course, anyone who wants to be tagged can consider themselves tagged- just let us know.

Love to you,
Little Bug

Thursday, March 27, 2008

pictures from our day- and more surgery details

Here is the day with most if not all the details:

Wednesday night- 8:30 pm- dressed for bed in the jammies that Bug choose for the ride to the hospital. This allowed me to get up, just change his diaper, put on his socks and slippers and head out the door. This was all done in the vain hope that Bug might go back to sleep since we got up an hour before our usual time. No such luck, Bug was up for duration. We signed in at the hospital and then played in the waiting room until we were called back to the prep area. Pap was Bug's favorite playmate this morning.

Telling Pap to sit in the child size chair- we all got a laugh and then Bug wanted me to do the same thing. Bug has a wicked sense of humor.
Bug, just hanging out.
In the prep area. Bug had to be put into a hospital gown- he did not like this part- no matter how happy he looks in this picture. The hospital allows the kids to take 2 security items with them into surgery. Bug choose his firetruck blanket and his firetruck dog (matched his jammies). They each got hospital tags like Bug and I got. Bug's tag/bracelet was on his ankle- I will never do that again. he fought each time they wanted to see the tags to match us up and to double check that they the right patient in the right area.

This is right after we got back to the recovery area after surgery. Bug an IV- he was fine with it until our nurse went to take it out, then he wanted it out right away. He was still so sleepy and so tired. He refused to drink anything until he was dressed and ready to leave and then he sucked down the apple juice. We worried that he might throw up on the ride home, but he did not. I choose to ride in the back of the car next to him- Pap drove home. This way I could watch to see if might get car sick and I could hold his hand and rub his hand. he seemed to be comforted by this.
This afternoon after our nap- Bug was starting to feel better and we moved to the couch for the rest of the day.
He is still pretty out of it and it about 4 pm- so 9 hours after surgery. By 5 pm, he was really feeling much better and acting more like himself

So at this point it about 6 pm and he is running the house pretty much like usual
Although the couch was still our hang point.
One tired Momma
One happy Bug- feeling much better
See, feeling better

So for C whose son S is having the same procedure on Monday, this is what to expect afterward:
1. Wet diapers for the first few hours- very painful. Bug ended up with diaper changes every hour and he let me know by whimpering that he needed changed- if I was not fast enough, there were lots of tears and crying- it was hard to experience.
2. Tylenol and Motrin are your friends: alternate them every 2 hours (allowed). I finally got him dosed enough around 2 pm- from that point on things got better. The doctor said to dose him as often as the labels allowed to keep the pain down the first day.
3. The doctor said clear liquids until he could keep them down- we never had a problem. Bug wanted fruit snacks, Sprite and chicken- he got them all in addition to the chips he requested. I figured it was not worth the fight to try to get him to eat other things- he rejected jello in no certain terms. Go with your gut on what to give S.
4. nap with S and nap as soon as you get home- if grandparents or other family comes back to the house with you, leave them in the living room and go to sleep- getting S comfortable is the most important thing and you need the rest after being stressed out before and during the procedure.
5. Take pictures- you think you might not want them, but you do- especially before and after.
love and hugs to you all,
Deb AKA Momma Bug

Surgery update- we are home- doing well

Bug is now home and resting. We got home around 9:45 am after getting to the hospital at 6 am. Bug went back to pre surgery area around 6:45 am and was in surgery at 7:45. His surgery was about 10 minutes- then it was another 20 minutes before Bug was in the recovery room so I could back to him.

I got yo hold him when he was put to sleep with the anesthesia and I was there when he finally woke up. He was not happy either time- crying and fighting with everyone. But the doctor and nurses told me that was normal behavior and not to worry.

We left the hospital about 40 minutes after the surgery ended. Once home Bug played for a little while and then we took a 2 hour nap.

The worst part so far is the crying when Bug has a wet diaper- it stings and he is very uncomfortable. He starts whimpering at first and then it becomes a full cry. So now at the first sign of whimpering, I change his diaper. he is being given Tylenol (acetaminophen) every 4 hours. The doctor said I could alternate with Motrin if I wanted, but it was not necessary.

I am supposed to give him clear liquids for the day- but he is refusing anything except Sprite/7 up and his fruit snacks. i am going with the premise that if he wants it, then it is OK. he says he wants PIZZA for dinner- we might give it a try.

Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts- more this evening.

Love to you,
Deb AKA Momma Bug

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

t minus 7 hours and counting

So in about 7 hours I will be waking up- yes I should be in bed now but I was finishing up work things so I would not worry about them while I am off for Bug's surgery and recovery.
I thought I was fine with this decision- but as it has gotten closer, I began to second guess my decision. So many times I was ready to call the hospital and cancel it. But then I realized that no matter what I decided to do, I would continue to second guess myself (welcome to Mommy hood), so surgery is still on for tomorrow morning. We leave the house at 5:15 am and if all goes well, we should be back by 12 noon at the latest. Bug is scheduled for the first surgery of the day-so hopefully all the nurses and the doctor are on time. There is no snow in the forecast, so that is a blessing. Don't laugh, it is still early Spring here, we could get some more evil white flakes from the sky.

So with that, I am off to bed or maybe to watch some TV. Love to you all,
Deb AKA Momma Bug

Monday, March 24, 2008

Growing Up-Big and Strong

The title is lifted from a Rich Mullins' song- but Bug is growing up. As much as I try to hold on to this precious time, he is growing up. Growing up means becoming more independent. Our jobs as parents is to rasie, strong, confident, independent children who become strong, confident, indepenedent adults. Each little baby step he takes is a step toward being that person. So the long march to adulthood has really started and journey that will take years has begun, even though I know time will fly by for me and soon, I will turn around and find myself looking into the face of my precious son- all grown up.

So these are the pictures to document the start of the journey: Brushing teeth. He does it al by himself- Momma's job is to put the tooth paste on the tooth brush and sing the teeth brushing song:

S's daddy has a farm- EIEIO
and on his farm he has some tractors EIEO
With a red one here and a blue one here, here a tractor, there a tractor, everywhere a tractor
S's daddy has a farm EIEIO

S's daddy has a farm EIEIO
andon his farm he has some vacas (cows) EIEIO
with a momma here and a baby here, here a vaca, there a vaca, everywhere a vaca

Sometimes I add a verse about the chickens, but this usually does it for us both. It never fails to make us smile and reminds us of S and the fun at the farm with them.

Bug can put his shirt on, but I forgot to take the pciture. he loves to put his pants on- one leg at a time.
Pulls up he pants
Checks the zipper
Socks go on one foot at a time
Then the other foot
Put on the shoes and make sure they are tight and Bug is ready for the day.

So much of a change. Where does the time go and how do I bottle these time so i can savor it?

We have a hectic week coming up- it is likely that I will not have pictures until Friday or Saturday. Bug has surgery on Thursday morning. I will post how he is doing once we get home and I get him settled.

Love and hugs to you all,
Deb AKA Momma Bug and
Little Bug who is growing up- BIG and STRONG

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter- Our day in pictures

So after going to church Saturday evening, we could sleep in- also known as planning on how to hid Easter Eggs in the house since it was below 30 this morning.

So Momma hid the eggs last night before bed, which meant that Bug and I cold not eat breakfast at home (he would see them all and Mam and Pap would not be there). So off to pick up Mam and Pap and enjoy breakfast at Donald's

Hash browns, biscuits and drinks- the stuff memories are made of. Nene and Momma on this happy Easter Morning
Mam and Pap enjoying toddler meals
Uncle Dave- not quite awake yet
Home to the Easter Egg hunt. Mr. E. Bunny gave Bug some new NASCARs- hiding an egg in the middle. Bug was not interested in the eggs after this, he only wanted the cars!!!! Note to Momma- cars should be in the basket (not the one pictured and be given after the hunt).

See- egg still sitting there and the cars are being played with- ah the joys of being a toddler.
The cars lined up for inspection-
Very neatly lined up

Finally- off to find more eggs- thankfully Momma is not the best hider and most were easy to find
And then, Bug discovered the candy inside. Apparently he likes Jelly beans
Finding more eggs
enjoying more candy
Egg sitting right in front of him, but he could not find it.
Uncle Darrell, Tink, Jas and Koki came over for a few hours. Then we had dinner. We had the perfect Easter dinner---- Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and garlic bread. It was great!!!
After Dinner, bug wanted to go outside, so off we went

Having fun on the tractor
Not having so much fun-
Mam giving the toddler a look
toddler being mad because Momma told him NO, he could not ride his tractor in the street and he had to stay on the sidewalk. Momma also blocked his path. After a few minutes of pouting and being given a choice to turn around and go home or continue around the circle, he choose to continue and his attitude improved.
Having fun. 5 minutes after this picture was taken, we had snow flurries. NOTE to the weather- enough with the evil white flakes from the sky- send SUNSHINE.
That was our day- pretty low key, definitely worth the wait. So different from last year- so different than I expected, but I would not change a thing. OK, maybe I would change the toddler attitude, but I would not change this time with Bug for anything.
Love and hugs to you,
Deb AKA Momma Bug
Little Bug AKA Nene

Saturday, March 22, 2008

1st Easter Egg hunt

Today was a milestone- our first Easter egg hunt- ever- not only as a family, but ever!!!!

Bug ready to go- apparently all his people would be taking pictures of him, so he needed shades. The temperatures were in the 40s when we left the house, but they just about freezing by the time the egg hunt started- thus the reason for a winter coat, gloves and a hat. Riding the horse- Bug loves this horse when get together with the FTGA crew- he would happily stay on the horse all day.
We are lining up- Bug is less than thrilled at this point- he wanted to use the toy shopping cart he found in the playroom and was very upset that Momma would not let him take it out.

2 eggs right in front of him- he stared at them like they were the most stupidest things he had ever seen.
What eggs? Momma, what are you talking about, where am I supposed to look?
The first few eggs that Momma put in his basket. Yes, it is a soccer ball (football) themed basket
Oh, I get it now, pick them up and put them in my basket- OK!!! I can do this

Overflowing basket-
look Momma, so many, they keep falling out
Here are some more-I need them Momma- Help ME
Showing off our haul- Bug and E.
Showing Pap all the cool things- candy, erasers (NOTE- erasers for the 3 and under crowd, not good- first time Mommas might mistake them for candy- although if you ask me, I will deny that I told Bug it was candy!!!!!!!)
final picture of the hunt- swinging in the boat!!! yes, he has no coat- he refused to put it back on and we were only walking to the car. Then he saw the swings and I thought it was a perfect way to get a smile out of him

Playing with the firetruck. he had been eyeing it all morning and finally he got to play with it.
More horse riding- this time with M who taught him how to jump on the horses Meeting Mr. E. Bunny- Bug was not to keen on the Easter Bunny and actually refused to look at him until the very end- but I have our first Easter Bunny picture.
Checking out all the goodies-

Bug has started another toddler phase- he says WHY for everything you tell him. Yesterday it was about every 5 -10 questions, today it was every question. I am tired of it already.
We went to church tonight so we could have the morning to enjoy our first Easter together. Mam and Pap are coming over for our personal Easter Egg hunt- there are 17 plastic eggs hiding in the house (living room and dining room) for Bug to find, then Auntie Laura and her family will come over to visit, then we'll have dinner and then we are going to visit Grandpa Joe. Another busy day- but we are together.
We talked to Bug's first family tonight- Bug was so happy to speak with them- his whole face lit up when he heard their voices. It is getting to the point where I think we need a translator. Bug is talking so much and I know that Popi Carlos and Momi Mireya and the family can not understand him, and I am losing some of their questions as I try to translate with my pitiful Spanish. So I am going to ask some friends I know if they would be interested or know someone who could come over once a month on Saturday evening and translate for us while we talk on the phone. More on that later.
Have a blessed Easter- may you be surrounded with Love and Peace.
Deb AKA Momma Bug
Little Bug AKA Nene