Monday, April 30, 2007

The wait is killing me

Ok, you all might be saying, what the heck is she complaining about now- she has PGN approval. But now I am waiting on the birth certificate and it is killing me. Little Bug's birthmother signed the adoption decree last week (4/24)- by now I expected to have the new Birth Certificate os that the documents could be translated, the new passport for Little Bug issued and we might be submitted to the US embassy this week.
I thought maybe finally, something in this process would actually go within the normal timeframe, but NOPE. According to Edwin and Manfred (Adoption Supervisors), the lawyer will attempt to get the new Birth Certificate next week. So 2 weeks after exitig PGN, I might finally get a new birth certificate.
When I looked at the database on my agency's website and BC from this lawyer take less than week after PGN to get, but mine will be at least 2 weeks. I am tired of waiting- although my friend Sara is waiting for a BC from Guatemala City, which is notorius for being slow. We want to travel for pick together- so maybe I have to be delayed so that we go together.

But right at this moment, my dream plan is that I am getting on a plane on Memorial Day weekend and waiting it out with the Little Bug (not really, but that is my plan if I don't hear anything by May 15th). I cna work from Guatemala, I just have to figure out the finances of it all.

I think that is it for today. Tomorrow is Labor Day in Guatemala so no news from PGN, Family Court, US Embassy or the lawyer's office as it is national Holiday- that and it is my mom's birthday.

Love to you all,
Momma Bug

Sunday, April 29, 2007

100 Good Wishes Quilt For the Little Bug

I have been slowly working on collectig 100 squares and wishes for the Little Bug's quilt- it was a way to keep me focused on something else while I waited for him to come home. I am about 30 sqaures short of having 100 wishes and he is coming home sooon. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute a square, here are the details:

Send 8x8 inch square, 100% cotton, prewashed. Your choice of design,theme, etc. Please write a wish for the little bug on a note card and attach a piece of the fabric to the wish. I will put the wishes into a memory book so that the little bug can match the wishes to the fabric in his quilt.

Put a note in the comment section that you are interested in sending a square and a wish and I will contact you with my address.

I am hoping to hear tomorrow that we have been submitted to the US embassy for ourvisa appointment, but I think I am being unrealistic. I think it will be another week- but I am hoping.

Love to each of you,
Momma Bug

Saturday, April 28, 2007

OK I might post a little more than I anticipated because I am finding this fun right now. Today has been a busy day. I spend the morning with my mother at the Flower and Garden show - this is an annual event for us. Whole time I was walking around, I kept thinking that next year the Little Bug will be joining us and I am not sure he is going to go for 2 hours in the stroller with lots of of pretty, breakable things just out of his reach. I am sure he will enjoy the geese and the lake (he loves AUGUA!!!), but being cooped up with so many neat things near by might be a bit much.

I was amazed at how many goods were on display from Latin American- I think last year I counted one vendor, this year there were at least 5 vendors. The little bug is now the owner of Incan Pan Pipes and another noise maker (a drum on a stick with wooden balls that as you twist it bounces off the drum- I am sure someone will know the correct name). Any, his mam (grandma) bought that for him for on the airplane ride home - pray that you are not coming back on the plane with us. We did manage to buy some flowers and seeds for the garden- I will be working on putting them in tomorrow.

After the Flower show, we headed out to BabiesRUS to update my registry- the last time I registered was a year ago and pretty much everything I registered for at that time I either have or the little bug no longer needs thanks to the year long process. The real goal was an outfit for him to wear to the US embassy appointment- no luck at BRU. Their nice outfits stop at 12 months and anything bigger was all summer causal clothes. But I did find a car seat that I like. So the car seat a former co-worker gave me after her 4 year old outgrew it is going to my sister, she is the little bug's day care provider, and I will get the new car seat. Not that I expect anyone to buy the car seat for me, I am going to buy in mid May, it is just a reminder to me. Then the find of all finds- flannel crib sheets. I know you all are saying, "it's spring, almost summer" but I am thinking next winter. Apparently the little bug hates blankets, so flannel sheets, warm pjs and he should be set. We'll see.
After BRU, I was still on a mission to find the perfect embassy outfit, so we headed to K-Mart. I seldom shop at K-Mart but it was across the street, so we checked it out. And there on the clearance rack was the most perfect embassy outfit for a 22 month old little bug. I am so happy!!!! I am not going to describe it, but look for pictures after our embassy appointment. I am ready to go pick him now. I have the outfit, everything else is just filler for the time.

I have been working on organizing the house, 1 hour a night since I got out of PGN. I have 5 boxes of books to take to the library for their friends of the library sale, 2 boxes of household linens for Goodwill and I have not even started on the clothes closets yet. Somewhere along the line I turned into a pack rat. I like this cleaning thing, but I am hoping I can keep it from being needed again by not acquiring so much in the future.

Well, the thunder is rumbling outside and I need to call the little bug's foster mother, so I will sign off.

Love to you all,
Momma Bug

Friday, April 27, 2007

First post

Well, I have jumped in, after much thought. I am joining the blogging world. Right now there will not be many updates as this blog is really going to be used to track life with my son once I bring him home. We are waiting on our visa appointment at the US embassy in Guatemala. After that my life as a Momma finally begins.