Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloween Baby!!!! Tricks or Treats

Halloween started last night (30Oct2007) for us. My grand plan was to carve the big pumpkin while Little Bug colored the white pumpkin. Little Bug had a complete melt down when I attempted to put the painting smock on him and we ended up with him watching me carve the big pumpkin for the most part. Here I have cut the top off and he is looking inside.
Helping to scoop out the insides- he pulled out one seed and decided that he was done and needed his hands cleaned.
Really unsure of this pumpkin thing
Wrapped up just chilling while Momma does all the work.
After carving the pumpkin- we had bath time.

These are "bath tub drain, bath tub drain on the tub, who is the handsomest NENE in the land? he has suddenly realized that the drain is a mirror and he loves to look at himself in the drain.
The finished pumpkin. I was going for the pirate "ARUGGGGGGG" look on the face.
So proud of the pumpkin
Trick or Treating begins. This is M across the street (our house in the background). Little Bug is not sure why M is dressed like she is with her face colored green.

Meme hitting the first house for CANDY. He was not sure of this whole thing and did not get into the spirit of trick or treating until much later in the evening- while we were handing out candy.
After we were done- sitting on our porch with the pumpkins. We hit 5 houses for candy. there was no point in dragging him to all the houses. He is not allowed to eat most of the candy he got and more importantly, he had 3 vaccinations this afternoon and his legs were hurting.
Practicing before going out
More practicing

Our pumpkins lit up this evening

here they are with the flash on the camera providing light
Momma and Nene on the porch handing out candy- it was a good evening.
hanging out the candy
Telling the kids across the street to come 'trick or treat". he kept saying it to everyone as they passed by on the other side of the street. Our street is a circle, so the kids go down the other side and come back up our side. We handed out 8 bags of candy- we have a total of 8 pieces left in the bowl for Momma to eat.
That was pretty much it. Little Bug and I sat on the porch from 6:15 pm- 7:45 pm. We had tons of kids on the street- actually less than usual. I had expected to be done handing out candy by 7 pm- but I forgot that most of the churches in the area have kids clubs/AWANA/youth group on Wednesday nights and therefore they would have "fall parties" at the churches or community centers (which is what my church did). Next year- I will need at least 10-12 bags of candy and I will still run out before the night is done- although maybe next year Little Bug will be allowed to go to more houses.
I saw so many kids whose parents were carrying them or the bag of candy and all I could think of was- if your child is that tired from walking or can not carry their own bag, it's time to go home. You all remind me next year that I wrote these words- I am sure I will have to eat some of my words eventually.
Love to you,
Momma Bug

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Recap

Our weekend started on Thursday night when we headed over to see MK and MK2. Little Bug and MK2 had a great time playing with the Motos I have brought for them to enjoy. Of course, Little Bug discovered a new talent Yes, that is my Little Bug bent and determined to climb on the table to get his Moto. He has been trying to climb more and more things at home. I am really going to have watch him extra carefully now- he does things behind my back.
Sitting on the stairs with MK2- you would think that they are ANGELS- you're right!! They are angels, precious gifts from God.
MK2 so happy that Little Bug let go over her neck. She had minor surgery on Thursday morning- she is such a little trooper.
Well, we might ignore you with that camera- the flashes are hurting out eyes.
Friday evening- Little Bug "played" on the computer while I cooked dinner. He really wanted to play with my work computer sitting next to the home computer- but he is not allowed to touch that one. This was actually the first time I let him "play"on the home computer.

Another view of him playing. I guess I am going to have to break down and get a kid friendly game for him. Years ago, I ran a computer software store and there was a series that I loved "Reader Rabbit". I will have to check to see if it still around. After I got done cleaning up, our friends L and J came over for dinner and to play with us. J is about 6 months younger than Little Bug- but a whole lot more active. WOW- L hands her hands full with her little man. He is too cute. Little Bug giving J the loving neck strangle. I am not sure how to handle the neck strangle. There is a good chance that Little Bug caused J to cry by hugging him to hard. Neither L or I saw the event. I hate to blame Little Bug for anything I have not seen, but he is prone to strangling you when he gives you hugs. I keep telling him "gentle". I hope this works.
A close up of J. He is a cute little guy. L and I had the same lawyer for our adoption cases.

On Saturday morning, we headed over to the adoption fair. I was picking up some information for a friend who is interested in international adoption. In the morning, all the agencies (domestic, international, Foster care), home study agencies and law offices came and handed out literature. After I picked up the info for my friend, I sat down at the back of the room to let Little Bug play for a while since I was speaking on a panel in the afternoon. Little Bug's toys were all the rage in the toddler boy set. Here E (Guatemala) and P (Russia) were playing with Motos and Animalitoes (Noah's ark from Guatemala). It was interesting that the 3 boys were all in Red. They all looked so cute.

Here we are with the social worker from my home study agency. She conducted all the pre-adoption classes I had to take for my home study. She is so sweet.
I did not get pictures of the panel discussion I was on in the afternoon. But picture 3 families who have adopted internationally- first family with a 10 month old from Ethiopia, second family with a 4 year old from China and me with a 2 year old from Guatemala. Guess which kid spent the 1.5 hours entertaining the audience with his antics-- Yes, you are correct. Little Bug offered stickers to the audience, discovered that the water bottle from one of the other families was 1/2 full and made a wonderful noise when pounded on his head, the table, the floor. He discovered that the 4 year old was coloring and he wanted to help. He informed the group that he had gone "poo-poo". He found the trash can and it's lid that made noise. Can you picture all this. I must say that the audience was great and really and truly, Little Bug never got out of hand- he was just being a typical 2 year old- exploring his world. Which is fantastic, he felt comfortable enough and secure enough to run around and be himself.
One other significant thing happened- on our way back from lunch, Little Bug prayed to Jesus!!! Normally, he tells me to talk to Jesus and I say the prayers- but he sat in the back seat of the car and prayed. Yes it was softly said, yes it was 1 sentence (3 words), but he is getting it. He is getting how to pray.

On to Sunday. Our church was later in the morning- all the services combined into one bug service right at Little Bug's nap time. So before church, we had plenty of time to play. This is Little Bug dancing with momma. We are doing the twist. Yes, he has a sucker in his mouth. He does not get sweets very often (contrary to the pictures) and I had promised him this sucker weeks ago and saved it until he asked for it.
Getting the arm swing down pat.
And then- he needed a tissue, so I sent him to get one, thinking that He would bring me some tissue. Well, he came back a few minutes later and pointed to the bathroom. This is what I found when I walked into the bathroom.
He is so proud of his pile of tissues. I need to talk to A- apparently E is sending thoughts to Little Bug and they are not the thoughts that I want Little Bug to act on.

Just in case you all are wondering what the heck I am doing posting a blog in the middle of the work day- I took today as a vacation day. Little Bug is at my sister's. I was able to have a massage this morning, then have lunch and come home to clean out the spare bedroom. I should have taken a picture of what it looked like before I started cleaning, but I would like you all to think that I have my life together (NOT!!), so I did not take any pictures that could be used as evidence. I have 2 boxes to carry down stairs tonight and get put away and then the room is ready for Uncle Dave.
Tonight Little Bug and I start Parent/Child swim classes at the Y. I am looking forward to these.
Well, have a great day.
Love to you,
Momma Bug

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Fave Foto

Sitting in Momma's bed reading on a cold Saturday Morning.
Pumpkins are AOK with me Momma!!!!
Sharing the love of friends (with MK2)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Prayer Request For Little Bug's family in Guatemala

This is Little Bug with Senor Carlos and Senor Carlos' father (abuelo). I have been told that Abuelo is not well.

Please for PRAY for whatever is going on. God knows the details- I don't. But I do know that abuelo loves Little Bug and welcomed him into his life and family. Abuelo is a man after God's own heart. Please pray for him and for Senor Carlos, Mireya, Susy, Karla and Andrea as they care for him.

Abuelo- Little Bug and I are praying for you.

All our love and prayers are for you and your family.

Love Little Bug and Momma Bug

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No pictures- just news

So, no pictures, but I will have some tomorrow.

I have been pretty under the weather (literally) lately. I have migraines that are triggered by low pressure systems and since Sunday evening, we have had rain storm after rain storm roll through the area. So on the back side of each storm, the pressure changes, triggering another migraine. Usually I can hold them at bay with medication, but Monday and Tuesday, the migraines had me throwing up (yep- I hope you were not eating while you read that). They were so bad on Mondy eveing into Tuesday morning that I could not work- it hurt to see light, my stomach was flip-flopping, etc. I ended up calling in sick (still worked about 2.5 hours through the day- the joys of working from home). By the end of the day on Tuesday, I was feeling much better- I thought things were looking up and the migraines were gone

My brother came over Tuesday night to talk about moving in with me (more on that later) and I put the Little Bug to bed, turn on his Vick's vaporizer (with the Vick's pad in the proper slot) and go back out to talk to my brother. Within 30 minutes we were both feeling horrible and my migraine was back with a vengeance. Connection? Yes, the Vick's vaporizer pad was exacerbating my migraines. So lesson learned, not pad in the vaporizer. Little Bug now just gets the vapor rub put on his chest and the vaporizer turned on to put more moisture in his room and ease his breathing.
Today, after having no vaporizer last night- my migraine was the usual, manageable migraine- treatable with over the counter medication. Definitely that vaporizer pad was the issue. Evil things- now I have to find my reciept to return the partially used box and the unopened box.

My brother's news:
He is interviewing for a new job, which he was given an offer for. So in 2 weeks, he will be moving home to our city. More than that, he is going to be living with Little Bug and me for approximately 4-5 months (until March/April) while his lease runs out on his apartment in the other city and he finds a place here. So, I will be cleaning out the spare bedroom, and organizing things in the basement since all his stuff is coming too.

It will be exciting around here over the next few months. D. has 2 cats. My house has been cat free for a 2 years now. My last cat died right after Christmas of 2005. I never got new cats because in 1999 (after I had my cats for 5 years), I learned I was allergic to cats. So I will be back on allergy meds daily while the cats are here and probably for another year after that. I am excited, though, the cats are very nice and they are both de-clawed. I am just worried that Little Bug will not understand "gentle"- he is used to playing with big dogs all day.

But- this will be an adventure- so off we go into this adventure.

Pictures tomorrow- I have a bunch I need to download from the camera.

Love to you,
Momma Bug

Friday, October 19, 2007

Toddler, Football, Tornados

So tonight, I took Little Bug to his first American Football game. Cousin J. plays in the High School Marching Band and it is tradition that we go see one game a year when the cousins (in my case, niece or nephew is in Marching Band). I waited a tad too long this year and the weather was definitely on the almost too cold for a toddler side of things, but still it was fun. The pictures are in reverse order.

This is from the beginning of the night- the band marches in before the game. Cousin J is on the end on crutches (he did something bad to his knee). Thankfully he is in the Pit Crew- so he does not have an instrument to carry during march out. This is from the half time show- Cousin J is the one in front of the huge (BIGGGGGGG) DRUMMMMM as Little Bug says.
This is during the show again- The band does a good job for being a small school. Many of the kids in band have dual roles on Football night: band members, cheerleader, photographer, etc.
Another shot of the show. We left after the half time show ended. The team was winning 21-7 right before half time and Little Bug and I were getting cold.
The football players warming up before the game. Notice the big sign on the barn next to the field. We actually saw the kids climbing on the roof to put the sign up.

Little Bug all bundled up. The weather was in the low 60s degrees- but it was very, very windy, making it seem colder. Little Bug has a tee shirt, a long sleeve turtle neck shirt, a fleece jacket and mittens on- additionally, he sat wrapped in a blanket most of the night on Momma's lap. Cousin K on the other hand, decided that she only needed a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie. She was freezing cold by the time we left.
Little Bug all excited to be watching FOOTBALLLLLLL. He liked the running, kicking and throwing. I think I should expect all these activities to happen in the house over the next few days- he certainly got ideas.
Sitting with Momma- with Uncle D in the background.
Right before Half time- all bundled and enjoying the game. We kept trying to get him to clap when the band played. He would wait until they were done and then he would clap.

In anticipation of Halloween- I give you Little Bug as MeMe. He really like the costume, this just happened to be Tuesday night when he was getting sick.
Toddler swimming in the bath tub. I am not sure he has enough bath toys (that is a joke). I am trying to figure why he needs so many- but he enjoys them all.
Little Bug came home hating to get water on his face- now he squirts himself in the face multiple times during his bath and laughs about it.

Another shot of him squirting himself.
And finally, a picture with Uncle Dave who was in town for a day doing interviews.
So on to Tornadoes.
Thursday night, we had some pretty severe storms come through and there was a potential for tornadoes. Prior to Little Bug coming home, I would have gone to bed, maybe woken up when the sirens went off, but most likely I would have just rolled over and gone back to sleep. But now that Little Bug is home, everything changed.
I watched the weather channel for an hour as the storms were coming toward us, then I watched the local news and packed up all the adoption documents and important photos in case we had to head to the basement. Then when the sirens went off after I had gone to bed, I got up and watched more coverage of the storms. While I was watching, I realized that while I was counting on the electricity not going out, if the electricity did go out, I had no flash lights in the house with good batteries- I have 3 flash lights but the batteries are all dead in them. Then I started worrying about us being trapped in the basement if a tornado went through. There is food in the freezer chest, but there is no bottled water. What would I do?
Now I think I am going to have to stock some bottled water in the basement- we normally drink tap water. I am going to buy a flash light that you hand crank, I am going to get a safe deposit box for all the adoption documents and copies of the photo CDs and I am going to prepare a place for us to retreat to if there is a tornado.
Thankfully the worst of the storms went south of us, and there were no tornadoes in our area. But now I am worried - how will I get Little Bug safely through bad weather? NOTE: he slept through everything. Maybe that is a lesson for me?
Well, I am tired- so I am off to bed.
Love to you all,
Momma Bug