Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick again

Bug is sick again- nothing serious yet, but his nose is draining and he is coughing. I am hoping to keep him well for the next few days so that the warmer weather can help him out. By Wednesday the weather will be 20 degrees warmer then today's weather, by the weekend, it will be 40 degrees warmer.

Please pray for Bug- he needs a break from these sinus infections that turn into ear infections.

I will say though, he should have enough reserves to keep fighting- Little man has been stuffing food into his body like there is no tomorrow. An example- usually Bug will eat 2.5 chicken nuggets at McDonald's, but last week he ate 8!!!!!!! chicken nuggets and asked for more. I think he storing up for a growth spurt-YIKES.

I am off to bed- we are preparing for the time change this weekend- I moved Bedtime up 15 minutes and wake up time the same amount- tomorrow, I will move everything another 15 minutes. By Saturday night, we should be within 15 minutes of the new time. Hopefully that will allow us to not have issues next week.

I hate the time change- really I hate it.

Love to you,

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