Wednesday, March 4, 2009

clearly processing information

Bug has continued his discussion from yesterday about living in a blue house- only he is now expanding on this.

He lived in a blue house, with a little crib when he was a baby. Uncle Dave lived there too. They drove a blue car and had a blue garage.

I think I know what he is processing. When we went back to Guatemala and had the pleasure of visiting Popi and the family at their house, the room Bug slept in (in the crib) was blue. I am not sure if it was blue when he was there, but it is blue now. he could be combining his memories of the house with our family and making his place in the family. In part to assure himself that he is part of the family and in part to put words around what he is remembering and feeling.
Clearly he is viewing the blue house as a happy place and clearly he identified with the male in the house- Popi.

I asked Bug this morning, if he thought the blue house was where he lived with Popi, Mireya and the girls. His response was " I like the girls". So I am not sure he is ready to have the difference pointed out. But I will keep asking him and listening to the stories of when he was a baby, living in the blue house and sleeping in the crib.

I should have asked to take pictures inside the house while we visited. I did not want to seem ungrateful or crass by walking around and taking pictures- I was so excited to be in the house, to see where Bug lived, it actually slipped my mind. I know I got pictures of Bug in the girl's room. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to go back to the house on our next trip and I will ask if it is OK to take pictures of the rooms.

I am off to bed- the whole prepping for the time change still. Bug is doing incredibly well with me moving his bedtime back and waking him up earlier. I am taking him to park tomorrow to wear him out before bed tomorrow since tomorrow night he will go to bed 45 minutes early. That puts us 15 minutes off the new time on Saturday night. I am hoping that between Auntie Lulu taking him outside tomorrow and me taking him to the park int eh evening, that he falls asleep before we get home.

Love and hugs,

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