Friday, March 6, 2009

Bugisms and a fire drill

This was heard from Bug today - admittedly, he has said it before:

"What do I call my momma? My friend"

"I am sad the girls (Susi, Karla, Nigua) can not visit"- which was said just after brushing our teeth this morning and when I said that I know it was hard for him to be away from the girl- he burst into wailing and crying. He is clearly working on processing emotions again and all I can do is hold him and tell him that the girls love him and we will see them again. We are also going to call them next weekend, but I might have to call unexpectedly this week to help Bug through this processing.
We are going to print out some more pictures tomorrow to hang up in his room (maybe that will encourage him to sleep in his bed).

On to the fire drill:
we went to the pool tonight- first time since before Christmas. We were in the water for about 5 minutes when the fire alarms in the building started going off. A few kids mentioned that the alarms had gone off 2 other times before this- I thought they were talking about this week, but apparently the alarm was going off every 45 minutes. We had to leave the building- of course if there had been a fire or emergency, we would have all been killed because we huddled right by the door- wrapped in towels (those of us from the pool). Of course the staff let us know on the way out that there was nothing going on except the alarms and we would be back inside in 5 minutes.

Sure enough, we were back inside in 5 minutes. I would really like to thank God for the warmer weather today- because standing outside soaking wet in 65 degree weather was OK, but if it had been freezing, then we would have had problems.

Once back in, Bug and I splashed around for another 45 minutes (no additional fire alarms went off). Bug was nearly asleep by the time we got home - YEAHHHH the plan worked to wear him out.

I managed to finish up a video while were swimming, so I have to get that printed tomorrow so it is ready for the package to Guatemala. It shows Bug form before Christmas at swim lessons (crying his eyes out because his mean momma was trying to make him swim with the teacher), some fun swimming before Christmas and now about 15 minutes of video him playing tonight. Should be a good viewing when Bug one has kids and complains about his kids screaming about having to swim with a teacher.

Oh well, enough living in the future. I am off to finish up my Friday night TV watching- BattleStar Galactic will be on soon.

Love to you,

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